Inners Shows

A Family Tradition since 1909

In its 103 year history "Inners Amusement Company", now called "Inners Shows" still remains a family operation.

After years of working in Vaudeville with his brother James and sister-in-law, Emma; Frances Grover Cleveland Inners, the head of the Inners clan, founded "Inners Amusements Co." in 1909 in the town of York, PA.

Frances had many ventures before entering into the amusement business.  His profession was painting and wallpapering.  During the holidays he made candies for selling to the public.

Times were hard and with a family that was growing larger and larger (a total of 7 boys and 2 girls), Frances and his wife Mazie worked hard to provide for them.  During the summer months, Francis and Mazie had several concessions and a kiddie ride which they took to picnics and parks.  The kiddie ride was an airplane ride until the wings fell off.  It then became a swinging boat ride.  This ride is again an airplane ride called the "Jet Ride", and is the oldest ride in operation.

Ed Inners, Sr. was working for his father until he entered the military service during WWII.  Ed came back home in 1946 and again worked for his father.  In 1941, while Ed was working in one of the parks, Ed met a very lovely young lady by the name of Mareta Fry.  In 1942, Ed and Mareta were married and began raising a family of their own, 5 girls and 2 boys.

Frances had always wanted a ferris wheel, so he and Ed built a kiddie ferris wheel (it worked really well).  Then sometime around 1949, they began working with Shorty Fincher at several parks in the area.  "Shorty Fincher and the Prairie Pals" was a country and western musical group that worked at Valleyview Park in Hellam, PA.

Shorty talked Frances and Ed into entering a venture (it only lasted one year), they leased a park at Dreamers Beach, Delaware.  For one season, Ed and Frances operated the rides and skating rink, while Shorty and his boys did the entertaining; after one season it was decided that more money could be made if they worked picnics, festivals, and fairs in the PA and Maryland area.

Frances' health began to fail, and in 1955, he passed away.  So in late 1955, Mazie, Ed Sr., and Robert decided not to let Frances' dream of owning a real ferris wheel perish with him.  They purchased a Gabrick 10 seat wheel.  Ed's brother Jake entered the Air Force, so Mazie and her family carried on with the show.  Gene operated the cotton candy, while Mareta operated the popcorn and candy apple trailers until Mazie's death in 1989.  Mareta (now everyone calls her Granny) can still be found helping with the cotton candy, or wherever she is most needed.

After Jake's enlistment ended and he returned home, he joined Ed Sr. and Jr.; and as the shows mastermind, he purchased a Merry-Go-Round and a Paratrooper.  By this time, Robert had already left the show to venture out on his own.  Jake worked with family for several years before purchasing his own show and route, Majestic Midways.

In 1991, Ed Sr. had a severe stroke which left him unable to do much.  This was very hard on him as the carnival business was so much part of his life.

It was necessary now to turn over responsibility for day to day operations over to Ed Jr., who already had many responsibilities.  Also in 1991, Donna Moore (Donna Inners) came into the operations with 16 concessions.

After the death of Ed Sr. on December 30, 1997, Ed Jr. took over ownership of Inners Amusement Co., and began operating under the name Inners Shows.  He started upgrading the entire operation in 1999 with the purchase of 2 rides from Highlite Mfg.; a Rapid Slide and a Jitterbug (way out swings).  Then in 2000, he purchased a Merry-Go-Round, and from Sellner, he purchased a very popular spin ride, Dizzy Dragons.  In 2001 it was the Titanic, and in 2002, he purchased from Highlite Mfg. an attraction called the Firehouse.  The same year he upgraded his transportation fleet.

In 2003, he added a Highroller; then with the addition of a Chance Skydiver in the early spring of 2004, a Supershot in 2007, a Musical Express in 2008, a Dragon Wagon in 2010, and a Expo Wheel in 2012; he now has 30 company owned rides, and as many as 5 independent rides allows him to operate 2 units on separate routes in NC, SC, VA, WV, MD, PA, and FL.

With Ed to manage Inners Shows, and Donna to handle concessions, bookings, and office, and lets not forget Granny to lend moral support when needed, Inners Shows now supports three generations of Inners.